Electrocoagulation Rectifiers

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Programmable High Frequency Switching Power Devices

Our electrocoagulation rectifiers are reasonably priced and provided with automatic reverse polarity output as a standard feature.

Different current outputs can be set for forward and reverse working cycle.

Below is a listing of our standard forward and reverse working signal output units.

Lower or higher voltage or higher amperage and PLC communication port units are available on request.

Remote Control Electrocoagulation Rectifiers

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Remote control electrocoagulation rectifiers series are heavy duty units perfect for use in small to medium wastewater treatment plant installations.

These can be used to drive any coagulation or oxidation cells. In fact they are well capable to run hybrid coagulation/oxidation cells.

0 to rated V output (12 V, 24 V, 36 V, 48 V, 60 V)
0 to rated A output (50 A, 100 A, 150 A, 200 A, 300 A, 500 A, 1000 A, 1500 A, 2000 A, 2500 A)

Electrocoagulation rectifiers supplied to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam customers.

Electrocoagulation Process

Electrocoagulation is an electrolytic process that uses sacrificial electrodes to dislodge and separate from wastewater a large variety of organic and inorganic pollutants without the need to add any chemical coagulating agent.

These so-called sacrificial electrodes are usually made of materials such as iron or aluminum.

Electrooxidation Process

Electrooxidation is an electrolytic process that uses inert electrodes to degrade, dislodge and separate from wastewater a large variety of organic and inorganic pollutants.

These so-called inert electrodes are usually made of materials such as graphite, stainless steel, titanium, platinized titanium, etc.

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High efficiency switching power technology resulting in lower electrical consumption.
Low ripple wave output suitable for any demanding electrocoagulation application.
Reliable, durable and simple to use.
Closed loop self-regulating CV mode or CC mode operation.
Precise voltage and current regulation.
Dial adjustable output for either CV mode 0 to unit V rated output or for CC mode 0 to unit A rated output.
Fast response to AC input and DC output variations.
Insensitive to input phase sequence.
Automatic over voltage, over current and over heating protection.
Large LCD display.
Models with separate power and remote-control units are available, power unit can be placed away from corrosive fumes and control unit close to process tank.
Extremely small in size and lightweight.

The following programmable parameters can be pre-set, the unit will automatically remember settings on start and for forward reverse repeat cycle:

1) Different current outputs can be set for forward and reverse working cycle.
2) Polarity forward working time, reverse working time and total forward reverse repeat cycle time can be pre-set with the timer, in either 0.1 S or S or M unit.

The following options are available on request:

1) Lower or higher volt output: 6 V to 200 V.
2) Pulse wave output.
3) PLC analog signal communication port: 0 – 5 V or 0 – 10 V or 4 – 20 mA or RS 485.
4) Parallel pairing for higher current output: up to 4 units of the same output rating can be paired.

Our rectifiers dedicated to water, wastewater treatment and chemical production are treated with additional anti-corrosion coating to protect internal component against moisture and corrosive fumes.

Single phase 220 V input for units 300 A output and below.
Three phase 220 V / 380 V input for units 500 A output and above.