Contact Materials

Functional Materials for Electrical Contacts

Custom Clad Metal Fabrication for Unique Material Properties

We provide material solutions for reliable transmission of electrical signals for advanced technology applications.

Heraeus Roll Clad Strips

Metal strip cladding of two or more precious or non-precious metals or alloys combination is available.

Power electronics in industrial use:

Our roll clad strips meet the highest demands in power electronic modules. In the industry, these modules are used, for example, in electric drive systems, as inverters, or for energy supplies:

  • Trains.
  • Electric industrial vehicles (e.g. motor drives for forklifts).
  • Renewable energies (inverters for wind, water, and sun).
  • Electric power substations.
  • Ships (motor drive, steering, energy supply).
  • Elevators and escalators.

Automotive (control devices and sensors):

  • Engine management (ECU).
  • Transmission controllers.
  • Braking, steering and stability systems (ABS, ESP, EPS / EPAS).
  • Pressure sensors (power brakes, differential pressure for air ducts and exhaust emission, airflow meters).
  • Power electronic modules for the electrification of the drive train (electric and hybrid vehicles).
  • Alternator control unit.
  • Bi-material terminal for aluminum cabling within the vehicle.


  • Radio frequency antenna modules for mobile communication.

Heraeus Roll Clad Wires

Metal wire cladding of two precious or non-precious metals or alloys combination is available.

  • Ultra-fine bridge wires for airbag initiators.
  • Resistance wires.
  • Thermocouple wires (e.g. Pt and RtRh alloys).
  • Precious metal rods, wires and other profiles (e.g. Pt, Rh, Ir, Au and Ag alloys).
  • Sheathed wires (e.g. Ni/Pt and CuBe/Hera238).
  • Neutron absorbing control rods for nuclear reactors.

Heraeus Welded Functional Materials

Welded functional materials of two or more precious or non-precious metals or alloys combination is available.

  • Multi-wire wipers as sliding contacts (e.g. for potentiometer applications).
  • Welded micro-contacts parts (e.g. with PVD coating).
  • Commutator brushes for collectors of DC-motors.
  • Strips and clad strips with seam weldedwires and contact profiles.

Countries Served

We are Heraeus functional materials exclusive distributor for the Philippines.